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23. August 2017

As a farewell: our final video from the reward ceremony.

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Official Results of the FAI EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis

12. August 2017, 20:00Uhr

Please find the official results of all events in the .pdf file below.

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Results

Faces & Fun

12. August 2017

We say goodbye with our final image gallery from the EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis. 

Update: Don't miss out on our final video ;)

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Reward Ceremony

12. August 2017

Pictures of the reward ceremony for Skydivers' European Champions and World Cup Winners of 2017. 

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Saturday Impressions

12. August 2017

The final day of the EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis.

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Simply Magic

11. August 2017

A view on the EPC/WC 2017 from all perspectives... Enjoy our video :)

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Friday Impressions

11. August 2017

Again the weather allowed us only a few lifts — still everyboody here keeps up the great spirit of this championship. 

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Thursday Impressions

10. August 2017

This thursday demanded a lot of patience but in the end allowed at least a few hours of intense jumping. 

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Wednesday Impressions

09. August 2017

The competition got started at last — and with a blast of three caravan running more or less non-stop for 11 hours. Have fun with our pictures of the day!

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Opening Ceremony — Impressions

08. August 2017, 20:00Uhr

In a dash of good weather we celebrated a great opening ceremony — thanks to everybody :)

Please go on to view our image gallery of this event. 

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Tuesday Impressions

08. August 2017

It was a rainy first day of the championships — with zero lifts. We try to discover the beauty of it, though... ;)

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Blue Skies!

08. August 2017

Enjoy our video with a view from above on the Opening Ceremony at "Kleiner Markt" in Saarlouis — let's hope for some Blue Skies!

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07. August 2017

The competetors gather and are eager to start — watch our Video "tomorrow..."

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Monday Impressions

07. August 2017

The final practice day in pictures

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Sunday Impressions

06. August 2017

Pictures from the EPC/WC preparation

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Saturday Impressions

05. August 2017

A lot of teams and nations are already registered and tried to get a slot in one of the few training lifts that were possible due to bad weather. We invite you to get to know the dropzone as well as participants with a first glance at our daily image galery from saturday, august 5th.

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EPC/WC 2017 — Bulletin #2

09. Mai 2017

Please download our Bulletin #2 providing updated information — the .zip archive includes the documents needed for application.

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Official Bulletin #2 (.pdf file only)

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Official Bulletin #2 with annex

EPC/WC 2017 — Bulletin #1

13. März 2017

Download our Bulletin #1 with all the important information — the .zip archive includes the documents needed for application.

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Official Bulletin #1 (.pdf file only)

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Official Bulletin #1 with annex

Due tue technical difficulties e-mails that have been sent to @epcwc2017.com prior to april, 26th 2017, could not be delivered — we deeply regret that situation and kindly ask you to resend your e-mails to us. 


European Parachuting Championship and World Cup 2017 — hosted by the German Parachuting Association (DFV) at Saarlouis' FSZ Saar e.V.

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