FAI European Parachuting Championships & World Cup 2017 in Saarlouis — Dueren (Germany)

14th FAI EUROPEAN Formation Skydiving Championships 2017
21st FAI WORLD CUP of Formation Skydiving 2017

11th FAI EUROPEAN Artistic Events Championships 2017
12th FAI WORLD CUP of Artistic Events 2017

7th FAI EUROPEAN Canopy Formation Championships 2017
9th FAI WORLD CUP of Canopy Formation 2017

2nd FAI EUROPEAN Speed Skydiving Championship 2017
3rd FAI WORLD CUP of Speed Skydiving 2017 


Aims of the Event

Determining European Champions and World Cup Winners in all events

See Aims of the Event for details

Time Schedule

Monday, 7th of August 2017 till Saturday, 13th of August 2017

See Time Schedule for Details

Registration & Payment

The Preliminary Entry Form of the NAC must reach the Organizer at least 75 days prior to the start of the competition, i.e. by May, 25th 2017.

See Registration & Payment for Details

IPC – Disciplines

Formation Skydiving

  • 4-way Open

  • 4-way Female

  • 4-way Vertical Formation (VFS)

  • 8-way

Artistic Events

  • Freestyle Skydiving

  • Freeflying

Canopy Formation

  • 2-way Sequential

  • 4-way cancelled

Speed Skydiving

See Composition of Delegations for further info

Event Organizer

Fallschirmsportzentrum (FSZ) Saar e.V.

— Fully supported by the German Parachuting Association (DFV) e.V.

See Organizer & Officials for details

Location of the Competition Site

The public airfield of Saarlouis-DUEREN (ICAO-designator: EDRJ) is located 10km west of the city of Saarlouis, which has approx. 50.000 citizens and is located at the western border of Germany (very close to France and Luxemburg).

See section Location of this website

Aircraft, Judging & Co.

See Aircraft & Technics for details

Pre-event training

The dropzone in Saarlouis operates every week from April on and will be open every day during specified weeks in May, June and July. For arrangements of your pre-training planning please contact the organizer at least 30 days in advance. Accomodation in the competition hotel with special price conditions will be available. For details please contact the organizer by e-mail.

Pre-competition training is also possible from Wednesday, 2nd of August till Monday 7th of August out of the competition aircrafts. Please let organizer know your intentions at preliminary entry form!

Safety first!

Please refer to Safety & Insurance for details

FAI EPC/WC Bulletin

Download our FAI EPC/WC Bulletin #2 with updated information.

Official Bulletin #2 (.pdf file only)

Official Bulletin #2 with annex



European Parachuting Championship and World Cup 2017 — hosted by the German Parachuting Association (DFV) at Saarlouis' FSZ Saar e.V.

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