Composition of Delegations

World Cups

Each NAC can nominate up to 8 competitors and/or up to four (4) teams into each event of the World Cups.

European Championships

  • one (1) of the teams registered for the specific FS-events
  • two (2) of the teams registered for the specific AE-events
  • two (2) of the registered CF-teams for 2way Sequential
  • one (1) of the registered CF-teams for 4way Sequential
  • one (1) of the registered CF-teams for 4way Rotation
  • and up to eight (8) competitors in Speed Skydiving event

must be nominated as official National Team(s) of each European country for the EPC-2017-classification prior the start of the competition.


Other delegation members will be specified in the Bulletin No. 2.

FAI EPC/WC Bulletin

Download our FAI EPC/WC Bulletin #2 with updated information.

Official Bulletin #2 (.pdf file only)

Official Bulletin #2 with annex


23. August 2017

Thank You!

As a farewell: our final video from the reward ceremony.

12. August 2017, 20:00Uhr

Official Results of the FAI EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis

Please find the official results of all events in the .pdf file below.

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Results

12. August 2017

Faces & Fun

We say goodbye with our final image gallery from the EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis. 

Update: Don't miss out on our final video ;)

12. August 2017

Reward Ceremony

Pictures of the reward ceremony for Skydivers' European Champions and World Cup Winners of 2017. 

12. August 2017

Saturday Impressions

The final day of the EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis.

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