Composition of Delegations

World Cups

Each NAC can nominate up to 8 competitors and/or up to four (4) teams into each event of the World Cups.

European Championships

  • one (1) of the teams registered for the specific FS-events
  • two (2) of the teams registered for the specific AE-events
  • two (2) of the registered CF-teams for 2way Sequential
  • one (1) of the registered CF-teams for 4way Sequential
  • one (1) of the registered CF-teams for 4way Rotation
  • and up to eight (8) competitors in Speed Skydiving event

must be nominated as official National Team(s) of each European country for the EPC-2017-classification prior the start of the competition.


Other delegation members will be specified in the Bulletin No. 2.

FAI EPC/WC Bulletin

Download our FAI EPC/WC Bulletin #2 with updated information.

Official Bulletin #2 (.pdf file only)

Official Bulletin #2 with annex


23 August 2017

Thank You!

As a farewell: our final video from the reward ceremony.

19 August 2017

High Res Images to Download

Please find all our image galleries in higher resolution in this post. You can download them by right click choosing "save link as...".

12 August 2017, 20:00 Uhr

Official Results of the FAI EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis

Please find the official results of all events in the .pdf file below.

FAI EPC/WC 2017 Results

12 August 2017

Faces & Fun

We say goodbye with our final image gallery from the EPC/WC 2017 in Saarlouis. 

Update: Don't miss out on our final video ;)

12 August 2017

Reward Ceremony

Pictures of the reward ceremony for Skydivers' European Champions and World Cup Winners of 2017. 

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European Parachuting Championship and World Cup 2017 — hosted by the German Parachuting Association (DFV) at Saarlouis' FSZ Saar e.V.

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