FAI European Parachuting Championships & World Cup 2017 — Saarlouis

Sunday Impressions

06. August 2017

Pictures from the EPC/WC preparation

EGM_5924 EGM_5925 EGM_5926 EGM_5930 EGM_5938 EGM_5952 EGM_5954 EGM_5962 EGM_5963 EGM_5965 EGM_5966 EGM_5971 EGM_5974 EGM_5978 EGM_5979 EGM_5981 EGM_5982 EGM_5983 EGM_5984 EGM_5990 EGM_5997 EGM_6001 EGM_6003 EGM_6010 EGM_6023 EGM_6028 EGM_6033 EGM_6036 EGM_6037 EGM_6038 EGM_6044 EGM_6050 EGM_6056 EGM_6059 EGM_6063 EGM_6069 EGM_6074 EGM_6076 EGM_6077 EGM_6080 EGM_6088 EGM_6090 

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European Parachuting Championship and World Cup 2017 — hosted by the German Parachuting Association (DFV) at Saarlouis' FSZ Saar e.V.

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